Understanding Casino Welcome Bonuses

casino bonuses - Understanding Casino Welcome Bonuses

Now, everyone is new to casinos sooner or later in their life if they choose to dabble in online casinos. That’s why online casinos give out a welcome bonus for new members after they put in a deposit. This bonus can only be obtained once usually, obviously depending on the casino. Online casinos are increasingly becoming more popular because they can offer more bonuses, promos, and deals. When it comes to bonuses from online casinos in general, the welcome bonus package is usually the largest bonus you can usually receive. The huge excitement about the welcome bonus is a lot of the welcome bonus packages have staggered cash match, make your own bonus or even cash match. As soon as you start your account and maybe deposit some money you can start to receive your welcome bonus.

Minimum Deposit Bonus

A minimum deposit bonus is basically getting a bonus for the minimum amount deposited. The minimum deposit bonus is neat because it can help the newcomer players on the casino game before they start using large amounts of actual cash. This is the best way to test a casino with a bonus for as little as $5. When it comes to the minimum deposit bonus, some casinos may only have it for specific games, like slot machines or something like that, make sure you check with the casino’s rules on which games are allowed. When it comes to the minimum deposit bonuses there are four kinds. There are; cash upfront, free spins, time limitless bonus and free play are all four of the no deposit bonuses games. To define more of the roles of all four of the minimum deposit bonuses types will start with defining the Cash Up-Front. Cash Up-Front is more common in the minimum deposit bonus casinos, this bonus gives you real money directly into your casino account, although it isn’t that much, around 20 to 50 dollars to get started with. Now, the free play isn’t usually for newcomers, this bonus package usually is for loyal members, with this bonus pack it allows you to play with a small deposit. The third minimum deposit bonus pack is the time-limit bonus which is this system some of these types of casinos run. For a limited time, they will loan you some cash to spend any which way you desire on their website but it’s usually timed so after that time amount ends you can’t use that money anymore. The usual way of receiving your bonus is to make an account on the casino of the player’s desire and then go to the cashier or register and press redeem code and you usually get a promo code for these kinds of promotions.

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins are exactly what they say, “free spins”. You don’t have to spend anything on the free spins. Now, each online casino is different and their free spins will be different. These extra bonuses could happen once a day, twice a day, twice a week or even everything month. It really is depending on the online casino you pick but most of the “free spins” are daily. When it comes to “free spins” some casinos may offer a no deposit deal with the new player, however, some casinos make ask for a deposit before the player gets their “free” spin. Usually, a lot of the time, free spins are combined with the welcome package but as well some online casinos may offer free spins by themselves while having a welcome package apart from the free spin bonus package. At many free spins casinos, there are a lot of free slot machines that offer free spins. When it comes to free spins as long as they are free, there’s no issue if you win or lose, even though winning is more rewarding. Free spins are a great way to get started with online casinos for newcomers. Free spins are the most helpful for newcomers to online casinos, it helps them get the grasp of how online gambling is. Free spins are the most inexpensive way to play online casinos and not having to worry about losing everything.

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Match Bonus

The match bonus is where you have a certain amount of funds in your account and they match yours with a certain percentage that is set. However, this is neat because its basically free money most online casinos have caps on how much they are willing to give away for free. When it comes to the match bonuses as long as you keep getting money in your account they will continuously keep matching it until it hits their cap.

Loyalty Bonus

When it comes to casinos and their customers, they always want to keep their most valuable and most loyal customers happy, so what do they do? They give them loyalty bonuses which are their way of letting their loyal customer know that they appreciate them being so loyal. Now when it comes to loyalty bonuses, like many other bonuses, it depends on the casino. Some casinos do every so months they give out loyalty bonus packages or sometimes even over a year or a couple. The loyalty pack could contain really anything but it mainly consists of a lot of things the welcome package may have had, which is alright its still free stuff. Depending on what kind of casino you play at and your membership status considering some casinos do have like platinum or gold, could weigh in on what your loyalty bonus packages have inside it.

Cash Back Bonus

There is a type of bonus that may vary depending on the online casino the player is using. The Cash Back Bonus package is one of the most common bonuses at many online casinos however each casino has their own different version of their Cash Back Bonus package. Some casinos will actually look at membership status and decide if you should get the Cash Back Bonus package, which is similar to the loyalty bonus pack in that sense. Another casino have you actually use your deposit to play their games and if you lose you get a small percentage back.

High Roller Bonus and Low Roller

The high and low rollers are the generalized bonuses you can win at some casinos. High rollers are ones that have more than enough money to bet and they are probably going to, so the casinos created a bonus for high rollers. Low rollers are similar but the exact opposite. If you don’t have much to spend they have games for that kind of players that offer low roller bonus. As long as the player is of age and follows the rules of the online casino you can eligible for many of these different bonuses. Everyone eligible for online casinos will most definitely get the welcome bonus pack as long as you sign up.

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