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Four Of The Top Music-Themed Slot Machines For Players To Enjoy

There is no doubt that players have an abundance of options when it comes to online slot machines. Everywhere you look there are at least one or two options. What happens though when your tastes are more inclined to the music-themed slot machines. Are there any choices for players concerning that category? Yes, there are. We will be discussing four of those options down below. Please forgive us if we left the one you were looking for off the list. We are only discussing the top four music-themed slot machines that most players seem to like most.


Are you a fan of Saturday Night Fever(the movie, that is)? Then, you will most likely like this game too. The 70s are alive and kicking in this music-themed slot machine. We remember the 70s well. That was back when the music was still good. You will have a chance to relive your childhood and more with the slot game. 5-reels and a 3-row slot are featuring 20 set bet lines. There is also a pretty cool bobblehead thing happening. Some of the unique features include the dance floor wilds and the disco spins. This slot machine also has a fun, cartoonish aspect to it. Sometimes it is hard to pay attention to the game with all the music playing in the background, not to mention the strobe lights. In this game, the J-Ace are considered the low-value symbols. The disco dancers are going to be the high-value symbols you need to pay attention to. To answer your question, yes, the dancers come in full 70s regalia. They are dressed head-to-toe in polyester and afros. The betting limits are fixed, so keep that in mind. You will use all 20 lines, but there are ten levels to each line. Do you have a MAC, Windows, or Linux system? That is the only way you can play. Go and get one if you do not have it. The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum is $20. Players could win up to 230,000 in coins if they play the game right. It is time to go back to the 70s and reminisce about a long, forgotten time.


Let’s start by first asking the obvious question. Do you like jazz? In most cases, there is no in-between with jazz music. You either like or dislike it. The best part about this slot machine is that it manages to bring everyone together, including those who do not necessarily like jazz music. The slot machine is created in such a way that those who dislike jazz could overlook it due to the game quality. Players get the usual including the bonus, jackpot, free spins, and multipliers. You would swear you are in a jazz club in New Orleans the way this game is designed. You get a trumpet, the double bass, and the piano. As we said, this game is so cool that even those who are not a fan of jazz could appreciate it. You get 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Time to get back to the way music is supposed to be with some good jazz music.

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What music lover in their right mind is not a Jimi Hendrix fan? You do not have to listen to his music all the time to be a fan either. This slot is dedicated to Jimi. Jimi is one of the greatest guitarists and rock legends ever. NetEnt has put out a rock trilogy that Jimi is part of. The live concert footage is played while you play the reels. There is the Legend Spin(players get 3-respins with a stack wild). There is the solo multiplier)players get extra winnings from 4 times to 10 times the amount. Players also get the chance at the encore free spins(which is when the player gets 10 free spins with a band member stacked wild included). There is also a crowd-pleaser bonus round. The best part is Jimi Hendrix is with you all the way. Why not rock out to some Hendrix and try to win that coin.


The band Guns N’ Roses needs no introduction. They have been a force ever since their debut album “Appetite For Destruction” hit the media outlets in 1987. Let us be clear on one thing though. Their first album is by far their best work. Things started to go downhill after that. There is the classic rock feel to this 5 reel game(it also has 25 pay lines). There are plenty of great images and sounds, including the one and only, Slash(which we would argue is one of the best guitar players to ever be in the music business). This game is a good way to introduce new generations to the world of Guns and Roses, and, other music of that time, before they buy the records. The game has some great character and poker symbols. The player who is looking for a slot machine to pay homage to a band that has cemented itself in rock history(for good or for bad) can look no further than this NetEnt creation. Do you miss the late 80s and early 90s of music? This slot machine does the trick. It is not just a homage to Guns and Roses, but to the music of that time as well.

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